Cyberset Medical is a team of highly inquisitive and proactive marketing, social media, software engineering, design, and content creation specialists who are committed to an interdisciplinary approach to our work. We have combined our skills and knowledge from a variety of fields to craft customized, workable solutions to the evolving challenges of online and digital marketing for plastic surgery practices.

Cyberset Medical has over 9 years of experience in digital marketing. We have extended experience in understanding unique needs of medical practices. We have worked with plastic surgeons, bariatric surgeons, orthopedic and spine surgeons, OBGYN specialists and fertility centers as well as other physicians. We have run successful campaigns for personal medical practices as well as multi location surgery centers.

Who Cyberset Medical Serves:

Plastic Surgery Marketing

Dermatology Marketing

Bariatric Surgery Marketing

Orthopedic Surgery Marketing

Spinal Surgery Marketing

Ophthalmology Marketing

OBGYN and Fertility Center Marketing

Vein Clinic Marketing

Surgery Center Marketing

Medical Practice Marketing

What our clients say about Cyberset Medical

"Cyberset Medical handles nearly all of my online needs. It's a complete campaign.

Pretty much everyone understands that online marketing makes any business grow. It's about getting the right online marketer with the right experience, with the right team with the right research that goes into making a successful online marketing campaign."

Michael Feiz, MD, FACS
bariatric and minimally invasive surgeon

Proud of what we do

We maintain our relationship with our clients via achieving success for them, not with contractual obligations. All our contracts are month to month in order to ensure that the only way we will have your business for another month is to succeed.

This is the key to our success, as we are in a field that rapidly changes and in order to thrive you need to keep your self up to date with all technology improvements, be agile and welcoming change.

My team here at Cyberset medical consists of the professionals who are best at their field, have great command of their expertise and know how to apply their knowledge to business challenges. This is a winner team, one that can keep up with the pace of change in our industry.

By the way we are hiring. If you are an expert in any of the fields related to our services, willing to learn more and grow with a successful team. If your are confident of your skills and willing to take this challenge as we have a high standard of quality, please apply. We'd be glad to have a conversation.

Shahab Saba
CEO & President

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Shahab Saba, CEO & President of Cyberset Medical

Digital Medical Marketing

Most of the medical marketing cases that we have analyzed here at Cyberset Medical suffered from not being able to determine how effective their digital marketing was, which marketing channel was performing the best and where the bottlenecks were. Cyberset Medical’s advanced tracking has a feature that allows us to understand how many leads were generated from each marketing channel (SEO, Social Media, Pay-per-Click …) and what was the ROI of each channel. This way, our team over at Cyberset Medical can work with you to help you make the best decisions on allocating your marketing budget to maximize return and optimize your campaign in order to have the best possible benefit.

Our Marketing Process

Market Research and Targeting

  • With a comprehensive study we'll determine ideal audience for business and marketing goals.
  • We will determine the best and most efficient ways to target your ideal audience.

Competitor Analysis

  • We will analyze your competitors in an effort to figure out what techniques they are using to make sure you don't fall behind from any competitor.

Goal Setting And Planning

  • We'll establish tangible goals and make proper settings to measure them accurately.
  • We'll lay out a carefully studied plan to achieve your desired goals.

Strategy Implementation

  • Based on the defined goals and the determined plan of action we'll implement our strategy via specified tools and ways to target your ideal audience.

Conversion Optimization

  • We'll work on improving the performance of your website to improve the ratio it can convert interested visitors into leads and patients.

Tracking, ROI Measuring

  • We track visitor activity on your website and how they turn into patients.
  • We use goal conversion tracking data to measure success rate of each marketing avenue and campaign.
  • We calculate your return on marketing investment in each avenue and revise and optimize our efforts according to the intelligence gathered from these ROI reports.

Reporting And Evaluation

  • We gather reports of visitor activity on website and your online presence. We generate reports of goal conversions in order to evaluate viability of each campaign.
  • We regularly measure our progress in achieving goals and evaluate our process and make necessary changes in order to improve our marketing campaigns' efficiency.
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Memberships, Certifications & Awards

Google Partner
The Valley Economic Alliance
Digital Media Sales Certified

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